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Maplewood QR Code Stickers - 4 Pack

Maplewood QR Code Stickers - 4 Pack

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Revamp your digital engagement strategy with Lasertana's laser engraved QR code maple wood stickers. These custom made QR code wood tags are not just aesthetic additions to your phone cases or merch tables; they're a minimalist and eco-friendly approach to sharing your world. You can choose to adhere them to a surface with our 3M adhesive, or place them wherever you need for events! 

Ideas to Elevate Your Brand and Connections

  • Commerce Simplified: With our laser engraved Venmo/Paypal QR code, transactions are just a scan away, perfect for seamless purchases or digital ordering.
  • Social Growth: Our minimalist social media QR codes are designed for content creators looking to streamline their digital presence, or a DJ sharing their music links! 
  • Networking Reimagined: Swap out traditional paper with an eco-friendly qr code contact card that leaves a lasting impression. Utilize apps like HiHello, Blinq or Linktree and share your contact that way. All we need is a URL to create it! 
  • Effortless Access: Share your public or home internet network effortlessly with our QR code WiFi share wood tablets, making you the ultimate host.
  • These are just a few ideas! Sky’s the limit!! 

Crafted for versatility, our QR code caters to every need, from personal branding, real estate lead generation, restaurants to retail displays. Choose from multiple size QR code wood 4-Packs to fit every space, from the back of phone cases, large events, and digital menus! 

Why Choose Lasertana?

  • Aesthetic and Functional: Our laser engraved QR codes merge design with utility, offering a sleek, wooden alternative to plastic tags.
  • Custom Solutions: Whether it's a wooden QR code for phone cases or small QR codes for retail displays, we've got the custom QR code you need.
  • Sustainable Branding: Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly options, enhancing your brand's image.

Lasertana's QR code wood creations, including the aesthetic QR code for content creators and the laser engraved QR code maple wood, redefine how professionals, retailers, and digital savants connect with their audience. Elevate your experience with custom, eco-conscious solutions that make every scan return on your investment!

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