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Thermal Maple Cutting Board Sample with Olive Branch Style leaves surrounding a large S and the word Sample - Lasertana faintly watermarked

Engrave your client's name on our

Thermal Maple Cutting Boards

Impress Your Clients and Loved Ones with Thoughtful Customized Gifts.


Brand your logo or QR Code on the back of this

Personalized Credit Card Bottle Openers

Show up & Network in Style! Be remembered each time your friends and clients pull it out of their wallet!


Client-Centric REALTOR Gifts | Custom Engraved Keepsakes for the Real Estate Industry

Make Every Client Feel Like Home

In the world of real estate, a personal touch can turn a one-time transaction into a lifelong relationship. At Lasertana, we believe that being client-centric isn't just good business—it's the heart of your business. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting clear branding and memorable closing gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Clear Branding: Your Signature Style Your brand is more than a logo; it's the story you tell and the promise you make to every client. With Lasertana's custom branding solutions, from sleek QR Code business card holders to personalized signage, your brand stands out in every interaction.

Memorable Closing Gifts: Beyond the Expected The final handshake is just the beginning. Our bespoke closing gifts—from intricately designed ornaments to elegant, custom-engraved cutting boards—speak volumes of your dedication. They're not just gifts; they're thoughtful gestures that celebrate your clients' new beginnings.

Client-Centric Approach: A Lasting Impression Every real estate professional knows that the details make the deal. It's the thoughtful touches that resonate with clients long after the keys are exchanged. With Lasertana, create an experience that reflects the quality and care you invest in every client journey.

Elevate the real estate experience with us by creating lasting impressions, one personalized gift at a time.

For a more customized touch, connect with our Design Team to make something all your own! 

Generate some real estate leads with

I Heart House Key Earrings

Discover the Perfect Statement Piece for Real Estate Professionals - House Key Earrings!


Budget boards for every occasion

Personalize this Bamboo Cutting Board

Add your own branding and logo to these economy boards! Great for charcuterie gifts!


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